Ekb Solution  


What eKnowledgebank can do for YOUR Business to improve productivity and revenue



Businesses today NEED more training and more information, quickly and at lower cost.

eKnowledgebank is an Internet based Online Learning System designed to provide effective and low cost learning to Businesses of all sizes and to Training Providers.
The eKnowledgebank Online Learning System is designed for the development of effective “in-house” training programs and online manuals for employees and customers.   
Now you can quickly and easily organise these materials into Online Learning Programs and Manuals, without the need for IT staff or e-learning experts.

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and training materials the company has and protect that intellectual property by developing a central respository through eKnowledgebank.

You’ll find that productivity will increase quickly and training costs will reduce. 

Your investment is very low, there are no barriers to entry

You will get good financial returns quickly

Key Benefits for Businesses:

Greater Productivity through
more effective training

Reduction of class room time,
more flexible training times

Reduction of training costs

Fast dissemination
of Company information

Competitive edge for
Training Providers






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